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Mold Removal in Estero

In nature, mold is responsible for breaking down organic materials like wood and leaves. Unfortunately, the rules don’t change when mold finds a home inside your property. This organism literally eats away your walls, floor, and carpeting, and the longer you wait for mold removal, the worse your damages will be. Fortunately, anyone who needs expert mold remediation in Estero or the surrounding community will find it with 911 Restoration of Fort Myers


Our mold cleanup crew consists of IICRC certified mold decontamination specialists. They have been highly trained to provide the best possible service, from the initial mold inspection to structural drying and repairs after mold removal is complete. 911 Restoration takes mold infestation seriously and wants to make it as easy as possible for you to pursue mold removal for the safety of your property and yourself. For this reason, you can call on our staff for a free visual mold inspection for property owners.

After all, mold is a sneaky organism that often thrives in hidden places. Whether you have mold behind your walls, on your sheetrock, down your pipes, or in plain sight, our mold decontamination experts will find it. And they’ll handle mold removal in the safest and most effective way possible.

We know how an infestation can make your beloved property feel unfamiliar and unsafe. You can count on your dedicated mold cleanup crew to return your home or business to the sanctuary it once was. For residential and commercial removal in Estero, call 911 Restoration of Fort Myers.

Expert Mold Inspection In Estero

If you’ve been experiencing unexplained headaches, are waking up dizzy, or have developed an increase in allergy symptoms, there may be a hidden infestation in your property. Don’t worry. An expert mold inspection from 911 Restoration will quickly reveal any hazards hidden within your walls.


These certified mold specialists know all the tell-tale signs of an infestation and know exactly where to look. Whether you’ve recently recovered from water damage or you just have a build-up of moisture in your property as a result of Estero’s wet, hot summer climate, the mold remediation team knows all there is to know about how mold spreads, where it lands, and how it grows.

Once our experts discover a colony, they sample it and deliver the sample to a third-party laboratory for testing. This step ensures a scientifically accurate assessment of your infestation. After all, there are upwards of 100,000 different species of mold. Knowing which type of infestation you have is essential for determining the safest and most effective mold decontamination strategy. Certain varieties release mycotoxins when they are disturbed. If you have such an infestation, your mold removal specialists will take extra care to eliminate the fungus without releasing an excess of mycotoxins into your environment.

Truly effective mold cleanup begins with a thorough and well-informed mold inspection. The workers at 911 Restoration will never cut corners. They treat your property—and your health—as if it were their own.

For genuinely compassionate care, call 911 Restoration of Fort Myers today.

Toxic Mold Remediation

You may be thinking about handling mold removal yourself. This is understandable. Mold often seems harmless, resembles any other common blemish to your walls or ceiling, and seems like it could be conquered by household cleaning supplies. Regardless, the most effective way to decontaminate your property is by calling on a certified mold remediation company. Not only will they be able to truly get rid of your infestation (household cleaners cannot), they’ll also do so in a way that preserves your health.

Certain varieties of mold contain mycotoxins that create toxicity in your body when inhaled. When you scrub a colony, you cause the growth to release these mycotoxins directly into the air you’re breathing. You can’t paint over mold, either. The infestation will only continue to grow beneath the paint, eating away at your drywall and causing the paint itself to peel.

For true mold decontamination, contact 911 Restoration. The mold cleanup crew will eliminate your infestation safely and swiftly. They dry out the structure so mold is unlikely to return. They even handle any repairs you may need. This crew emphasizes full-service mold remediation, so you’re left with a home or business in full health, with all ceilings, walls, carpets, and flooring clean and intact.

At 911 Restoration of Fort Myers, we believe a mold infestation is an opportunity to make your property brighter and stronger than before. Today might be stressful, but with 911 Restoration, you can look forward to a Fresh Start tomorrow. Give us a call.

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