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Mold Removal in Immokalee

Are you worried about the repairs you need after mold damage or the cost of mold inspection? Don’t be. The mold remediation experts at 911 Restoration of Fort Myers are capable of handling all your fungus-related needs at an affordable rate. They offer a free visual mold inspection for property owners, as well as professional sampling and testing, mold removal, and damage repair. Every technician is IICRC certified, and 911 Restoration is licensed, bonded, and insured.

This crew has extensive experience with mold removal in Immokalee, due to frequent tropical storms and hot, wet summers. Whether you suspect an unexplained mold infestation within your walls or you want to get out in front of a potential problem after water damage, the staff at 911 Restoration of Fort Myers has your back. They are certified in water damage restoration, so they are well aware of how and where mold can develop after a pipe burst, property flood, or even a simple ceiling leak. You can trust these professionals to conduct a thorough mold inspection. No matter where your growth is hiding, they’ll uncover it.

They handle every phase of mold remediation, from the initial mold inspection to mold removal and damage repairs. If your carpet is contaminated, they handle removal. If your drywall is damaged, they can repair that, too. The mold decontamination crew know how stressful an infestation can be, so they take every measure to ensure that you get more than mold removal; you get a home or business that feels better than new.

For comprehensive mold remediation, you only need to call one company: 911 Restoration of Fort Myers.

Residential And Commercial Mold Remediation in Immokalee


 If you are a homeowner, a mold infestation is a devastating blow after all the hard work you’ve put into making your home a refuge. If you own a business, mold poses some serious threats to the health of your employees and the health of your company. No matter what type of property you own, you can count on 911 Restoration to get you up and running right away.

Mold can be a surprisingly destructive force, eating away at wallpaper, flooring, walls, ceiling, and carpet. Certain species such as black mold also carry potential health risks, releasing dangerous mycotoxins into the air you breathe. The result can be anything from heightened allergies to heart conditions.

The mold decontamination crew of 911 Restoration takes special care to handle mold removal carefully and safely. They identify the mold so they can be sure to manage mold cleanup without spreading an excess of mycotoxins. They use professional tools to eliminate the infestation completely. After mold removal, they dehumidify the structure to prevent an immediate recurrence of growth, saving you from further mold cleanup costs in the future.

911 Restoration is all about comprehensive mold remediation, so you can also expect repairs for any damage your infestation has caused. These mold cleanup experts are capable of repairing and restoring any structure. They believe in helping you find a Fresh Start on the other side of this unpleasant infestation.

Whether you own a business or a home, whether you need extensive mold decontamination or just a mold inspection in Immokalee, you can count on 911 Restoration of Fort Myers. Call today.

Certified Mold Inspectors


Not all types of mold are equal, which means not all mold removal methods should be equal, too. With 911 Restoration, you can expect an expert mold inspection and professional testing to ensure you’re getting the right mold cleanup strategy for your infestation.

When our experts find a growth during mold inspection, they sample it and deliver it to a third-party laboratory for scientific testing. The lab identifies which of the more than 100,000 species of mold is in your home or business. Using this information, the mold cleanup experts set to work on a truly effective and safe mold decontamination process.

It’s essential that you contact a certified mold remediation company for any mold-related concerns in your property. Because mold comes with certain health risks, it’s in your best interest to seek professional help from someone who truly knows how to eradicate the problem completely. Household cleaners are ineffective when it comes to mold removal, and your infestation will only continue to grow and eat away at your walls if you attempt to paint over it.

The mold remediation technicians of 911 Restoration are certified and highly trained to deal with your specific infestation. Don’t settle for less than the best. Call 911 Restoration of Fort Myers today.

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