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Mold Removal in Cape Coral

With frequent precipitation, tropical storms, and wet, hot summers, mold is a prevalent problem for property owners in Cape Coral. Fortunately, 911 Restoration of Fort Myers is always available to help with prompt service, IICRC certified mold remediation specialists, and a free visual mold inspection for property owners.

 911-restoration-mold-removal-team-at-workIf you’re concerned you have a mold infestation, the mold inspectors of 911 Restoration will find it. They know exactly where mold lives, how it spreads, and how to handle mold decontamination in a manner that is safe for you, your family, and your customers. Whether you have mold on your walls, on your ceiling, or within the structure of your home or business, the mold cleanup crew will track it down and eliminate it. 

With 911 Restoration of Fort Myers, you can expect full-service mold remediation. That means more than mold inspection and mold removal. It means any damage caused by mold will be repaired. That includes drywall, sheetrock, carpeting, floorboards, or any other surface that has been irreparably damaged. The mold cleanup staff works hard to leave your property cleaner and stronger than ever. Their goal is to turn your horrifying mold infestation into a Fresh Start. 

Trust 911 Restoration to take over every mold-related worry. Your only job is to act fast. Mold doesn’t waste any time in destroying your property and spreading spores. You shouldn’t waste time, either. For swift, thorough mold remediation in Cape Coral, contact 911 Restoration of Fort Myers today.

Cleaning Mold From Water Damage

Why is there such a constant need for mold removal in Cape Coral and the surrounding area? Because properties in this climate are especially susceptible to water damage, and water damage almost inevitably leads to mold contamination. If you’ve experienced any form of water damage—from a ceiling leak to a pipe burst—you should request a mold inspection from a certified mold specialist right away.

The mold cleanup crew at 911 Restoration have extensive experience with water damage restoration. This means they are well-versed on the relationship between water damage and mold development. They know where a colony is likeliest to form after a property flood, and you can trust that their mold inspection will reveal any unseen problem you may have.

Mold spores are constantly in the air around you. There is no way to keep mold spores out of your property, so rest assured: if you have mold, it’s not a reflection on you. Mold spores enter your home or business through air ducts and on humans and pets. All they need to turn into mold colonies is 24 hours of exposure to a damp surface. For many water damage incidents, it takes a while to fully dry out the structure of your property, giving mold spores all the time they need to flourish, and without a prompt mold inspection, you may be living with fungi living within your walls.

If you’ve had a recent water damage incident, give yourself the peace of mind that comes with an expert mold inspection. Call 911 Restoration of Fort Myers, and our compassionate technicians will put your mind at ease.

Certified Mold Remediation Company In Cape Coral

There are more than 100,000 species of mold, and they come with a variety of potential health risks. While certain varieties are likely to only prove irritating to those who already suffer from allergies or other health issues, others release dangerous mycotoxins that can threaten the wellness of even the healthiest property owner. And all species of mold spread spores when they’re disrupted. This is why it is absolutely essential to call on a certified professional for mold inspection and mold cleanup.

Mold-Remediation-removalThe mold remediation crew at 911 Restoration are all highly trained and IICRC certified to handle mold decontamination as safely as possible. They conduct a thorough inspection to be sure they’ve discovered all potential risks hiding within your walls. When they discover an infestation, they sample it and send it to a third-party laboratory for testing. Once they have scientific confirmation of the exact species they’re dealing with, they work with you to set a plan for safe, effective mold decontamination.

Once mold removal is complete, the experts use professional tools to dehumidify the area where the infestation was discovered. This significantly reduces your risk of needing to call on our mold remediation staff again in the near future. They also take extra steps to repair any damages the infestation might have caused. Mold’s purpose in nature is to decompose organic material. Unfortunately, this means a colony eats away at your property, leaving surfaces destroyed. The mold decontamination workers are trained to repair any damage, no matter what it is, leaving your home or business feeling better than new.

Don’t let your mold problem get out of hand, and don’t make yourself wonder if you have an infestation. Call 911 Restoration of Fort Myers for expert mold decontamination in Cape Coral and the surrounding communities. We’re here for you.


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