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Mold Removal in North Fort Myers

Mold is an eyesore. It’s a hazard to your health. It destroys your property. And if you need mold remediation in North Fort Myers, there is one place to call:

911 Restoration of Fort Myers.

Water Damage Property Restoration Job Site The mold decontamination staff at 911 Restoration are true experts in their field, all IICRC certified and trained to eliminate your infestation thoroughly and safely. They know how to handle every single aspect of mold remediation, including the initial mold inspection, mold removal itself, and even prevention and repairs. 911 Restoration is licensed, insured, and bonded.

Mold is all-too-common among properties in North Fort Myers. Whether it’s a gentle summer rain or a full-blown hurricane, the wet weather is relentless. It’s no small feat to keep a property dry and resistant to mold in this climate. Fortunately, 911 Restoration offers a free visual mold inspection for property owners to help you identify an infestation and instigate mold cleanup early on. The earlier you act, the better your odds of avoiding structural damages or health problems down the road. As harmless as mold may appear, it is an insidious force that can cause costly damages without prompt mold removal. 

Don’t let mold cleanup fall to the bottom of your to-do list. Call 911 Restoration of Fort Myers and let the mold decontamination experts fix the problem for you.

Expert Mold Decontamination In North Fort Myers

One of the worst mistakes a property owner can make is to underestimate the threat of a mold infestation. Mold’s responsibility in nature is to break down organic materials, and you can be sure it will do the same to the surfaces and structures of your home. Not to mention, certain varieties of mold release harmful mycotoxins into the air you breathe, putting you and your loved ones at risk of developing respiratory problems, heart issues, and frequent headaches. The longer you wait on mold decontamination, the greater your monetary and personal costs will be in the long run.

Because mold carries such great risks, it’s important to contact a certified mold remediation company like 911 Restoration of Fort Myers. Mold removal is a job that should be taken seriously, and the average property owner is not suited to do the work themselves. Scrubbing at the infestation with a household cleaner is likely to do little more than release more hazardous mycotoxins. Painting over the growth is also ineffective when it comes to mold decontamination. The mold will continue to grow beneath the paint, eating away at your wall and causing the paint to peel.

The certified and highly trained mold cleanup experts at 911 Restoration have the knowledge and professional tools to provide safe and thorough mold remediation. From the initial mold inspection to mold removal, they make sure they understand the nature of your infestation and are taking every necessary measure to eradicate it entirely and prevent its return. The mold remediation process includes structural dehumidifying to discourage new growth, as well as repairs for any damage the infestation may have caused.

The longer you wait on mold cleanup, the worse the problem becomes. Thankfully, 911 Restoration of Fort Myers thinks of everything so you can take care of your infestation today with no fuss and limited expense. Call now for fast, friendly service.

Mold Specialists You Can Trust

disaster-water-damage-restorationVery few home and business owners are also experts in mold decontamination. This means that if you have a mold problem, you’re stuck relying on a mold remediation company to tell you what type of infestation you have and which services you require. At 911 Restoration, we value your peace of mind above all else. That’s why we insist on total transparency throughout the mold cleanup process.

When your friendly mold inspection staff discovers a colony growing on your property, they deliver a sample to a third-party laboratory for testing. This way, you can be sure you’re getting accurate, unbiased, and scientifically-backed results for your mold inspection. Once you and your mold cleanup crew know exactly what type of mold you’re dealing with, they communicate clearly with you about the mold decontamination procedure that will be safest and most effective for you.

Once they’ve completed mold removal, they even conduct structural testing to make sure the infestation hasn’t compromised the stability of your home or business. If any repairs are necessary, the mold remediation specialists are qualified to handle it themselves. This saves you the added stress and expense of bringing in another contractor to replace your drywall or tear out your carpet.

By the time the mold cleanup crew shakes your hand goodbye, you’ll have a property that feels just as fresh as the day you bought it. We promise: that musty odor won’t last forever. For comprehensive mold removal in North Fort Myers, call 911 Restoration. We’ll give you a Fresh Start.


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