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Mold Removal in Sanibel

Mold-Removal-Team-On-Site If you own property in Sanibel or the surrounding community, you know it is nearly impossible to keep moisture out of your property. From tropical storms to humid summers, every home and business owner constantly battles water damage. This is why there is also a frequent need for mold remediation in Sanibel. If you know this all too well—if the wet weather has led to a musty odor coming from your walls or unsightly blotches on your ceiling—don’t worry. Your property won’t feel contaminated forever. 911 Restoration of Fort Myers is here to provide a thorough mold inspection, effective mold removal, and even repair the damages. They’ll give you a Fresh Start.

The mold remediation staff at 911 Restoration offer a free visual mold inspection for property owners. They are IICRC certified and lead with compassion. They see you first and foremost as a neighbor, which means they work hard to restore the health of your property, fortify your home or business against future infestation, and keep costs low. 

Our mold decontamination services include a thorough mold inspection, third-party testing, safe mold removal, structural dehumidifying, and damage repairs. Mold can cause varied and complex destruction. Your mold cleanup crew can manage any challenge this infestation throws their way, from carpet replacement to drywall repair.

You’ve worked hard to keep your property clean and pristine. Let us do our part to make sure it stays that way. For mold remediation service that meets with your high standards, call 911 Restoration of Fort Myers today.

Certified Mold Inspection In Sanibel

Truly effective mold cleanup requires an excellent mold inspection. The great challenge of a mold infestation is that a growth constantly releases spores into the air. The more mold you have, the more spores you have. And in an area like Sanibel, you’re likely to have many damp places for those spores to land and thrive.

In other words, even if you know exactly where your mold infestation is, total mold remediation requires professional eyes to determine that the growth hasn’t spread to other areas. 

The mold inspection crew at 911 Restoration understand the behaviors of mold and moisture in the home or business. They recognize all the tell-tale signs of growth and can uncover even the sneakiest, most hidden colonies. You’ll also find peace of mind knowing that they take extra measure to ensure the mold inspection is transparent and educational for their customers. Once they find an infestation, they order third-party laboratory testing. This way, you have a scientific understanding of your situation before mold removal even begins.

Why does this matter? Well, there are more than 100,000 species of mold. While they all do more or less the same thing (eat away at your walls and ceiling), certain varieties come with unique health risks. They release mycotoxins into the air. When you breathe mycotoxins into your body, they gather and create toxicity. The results of this can range from heightened allergies to dizziness or heart problems. When you and your mold cleanup workers understand which species you’re dealing with, they know exactly how to handle mold removal in a manner that is both effective and least likely to kick more mycotoxins into the air than necessary.

In other words, the best thing you can do for your property and for yourself is to pursue mold decontamination from a certified company right away. In fact, for the best possible mold removal in Sanibel, call 911 Restoration of Fort Myers. We’ll think of everything so you don’t have to worry.

Full-Service Mold Remediation

water damage extractionHazardous mycotoxins are not the only reason mold removal should be done by certified professionals. Another important consideration is that mold remediation is about much more than just getting rid of the mold. When you work with the mold decontamination specialists at 911 Restoration, you can be sure they’ll handle mold cleaning, eliminate the cause, and make your home or business new again.

After mold removal, your friendly experts use professional tools to dehumidify the structure where the growth was found. This helps prevent a recurrence in the near future. This is an especially essential step, because neither you nor your mold remediation crew can remove mold spores from the air. If your surfaces are allowed to hold the moisture they’ve already absorbed, those mold spores could land and start another colony in as little as two days.

The mold decontamination workers also handle any damages. As far as they see it, they haven’t solved your mold problem until your property is in better shape than it was before the colony grew. Whether it means sheetrock or ceiling repair, you can be sure the mold cleanup team will take care of it. 

A mold infestation is unpleasant and aggravating. Fortunately, 911 Restoration of Fort Myers makes mold remediation easier than you ever thought possible. Call today.


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