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Water Damage and Mold Removal in Fort Myers Beach

911-restoration-water-damage-mold-remediation-fire-damage-person-van-wideangleThere is a lot to love about beachside living, but property owners in Fort Myers Beach regularly face unique threats to their property. From common mishaps like pipe bursts to property disasters caused by hurricanes, local homes and businesses are especially vulnerable to water damage. Plus, the damp and muggy climate promotes mold growth, forcing locals to keep on top of mold inspection and mold removal.

Fortunately, if you need water damage restoration or mold remediation in Fort Myers Beach, fast and knowledgeable help is only one call away.

911 Restoration of Fort Myers is staffed with IICRC certified flood cleanup and mold removal specialists. Our water damage restoration crew works quickly and compassionately to minimize the damages to your property and restore your home or business to its best-ever condition.

This means you can expect comprehensive water damage restoration. Services include water extraction, structural drying, leak repair, mold inspection, mold decontamination, and even repair to the structures and surfaces of your property. Whatever has been destroyed can be fixed, from contaminated carpet to rotted floorboards to drywall.

Of course, the less time water is allowed to linger in your home or business, the fewer damages there are to repair in the first place. That’s why 911 Restoration of Fort Myers offers emergency flood cleanup service. If you need water damage restoration, call us any time, day or night, any day of the year. A human being will answer your call, and caring water damage restoration technicians will be at your door in 45 minutes or less.

No matter what caused your property flood or ceiling leak, you can count on 911 Restoration for expert water damage restoration in Fort Myers Beach. Call now for prompt, attentive service.

Emergency Flood Damage Cleanup In Fort Myers Beach

disaster-water-damage-restorationIt doesn’t matter why water is flooding your home or business. Pipe bursts, storm damage, sewage backup—every form of water damage presents an immediate threat to your property.

The water damage restoration professionals at 911 Restoration of Fort Myers know the scenario all too well. They understand how it feels to be frantic for help. They know how anxiety builds as you watch the minutes tick by, water seeping into your walls and foundation. You can rest assured that with this flood cleanup crew, you’re never just another job. You’re a neighbor in need.

As soon as you call, your dedicated water damage restoration experts leap into action, moving quickly to arrive at the scene and extract the water. They take extra measures to pack out and store any at-risk belongings, hoping to keep your damages and costs low. You can count on this staff for any emergency flood cleanup needs, including storm repair, boarding up, and leak detection.

Once they complete water cleanup, they follow up with structural drying. This step is absolutely essential to prevent mold due to water damage. If any of your structures need repairing, they’re trained to manage that, too…no matter the material.

Finally, all our water damage restoration services end with a professional mold inspection. Mold can develop and thrive quickly in water damage situations. The professionals at 911 Restoration don’t consider flood cleanup complete until they’ve conducted mold inspection and mold remediation to guard against long-term damages from today’s pipe burst. If mold inspection leads to a discovered growth, they have a sample tested and communicate with you to set up a mold remediation strategy.

By the time the water damage restoration specialists leave your property, you’ll be able to breathe easy, knowing your place is in even better condition than it was before disaster struck. Your structures will be stronger than ever, and every threat of long-term damage will be gone.

Nothing makes a property owner’s heart sink like watching their own home or business fill with water. Let the flood cleanup crew at 911 Restoration of Fort Myers prove that this incident is truly an opportunity for a Fresh Start.

How Much Will I Get Paid For Water Damage From Insurance?

Flooding repair is complicated, which means it can be difficult to determine which water damage restoration services your insurance will cover. Carpet removal? Roof repair? Mold remediation?

At 911 Restoration, we know half the headache of a water damage scenario comes from worrying about costs. Our friendly staff wants to put your mind at ease with fast solutions. They offer a free insurance consultation to help you understand the complicated ins and outs of your coverage. They even work with you to file your claim, itemize your losses, and bill your provider.

Our number one goal is to provide you with immediate relief and true support. The water damage specialists anticipate every worry and every burden so they can take that stress off your shoulders.

As overwhelmed as you may feel, know you’re not alone. You can always count on 911 Restoration for water damage restoration and mold inspection in Fort Myers Beach. Call now.


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